Happy New Year

This variant of the champagne cocktail is a great way to use up any left over Christmas Day port, and Christmas pudding brandy.

Last Waltz

Peppered dark fruit, cherry and spice make this a bold Christmas enlivener.

Christmas in the Square

A festive take on the Vieux Carré, with the addition of a Cognac and port based mulling liqueur.

Rudolph Collins

Sloe gin should be festive enough, but if you add a dash of cinnamon to this summer classic, it becomes even more Christmassy (hence the name change!).

Without Prejudice

Cinnamon-spiced pear whiskey forms the base of this wintery twist on an old fashioned.

Gingerbread Gin

Some records claim that gin and gingerbread is the first recorded pairing of spirits and food, so this could hardly be more on trend for 2017!

Velvet Goldmine

Sweet Carribean falernum and clementine syrup give this daiquiri variant a seasonal twist.

Winter Sour

A hint of festive allspice makes this a bright pre-Christmas dinner drink.

Gin and Gingerbread

Gin and Guinness sounds like an unusual combination, but with a touch of gingerbread it tastes incredibly festive!

Mince Pie Sazerac

A Sazerac with a twist – the dried fruit flavour of our mince pie cognac and sweet sherry.

Mince Pie Cognac

Used as a base for our 2014 recipes, this Mince Pie Cognac is easy to make, and goes with anything!

Gingerbread Old Fashioned

A wonderfully warming whisky cocktail – ideally sipped while you’re sat by the fire in a tastefully understated Christmas jumper.

Christmas Tincture

For me, nothing evokes the joy of Christmas like the smell of a Christmas tree…